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Have you been struggling to find time for fitness?

Are you so overwhelmed by the amount of information that you and don’t know where to start?

Do you struggle to balance health and wellness with family and career?

Have your attempts to get back to a pre-pregnancy shape not succeeded as quickly as you thought?

If you’re a woman who’s had a baby, are you struggling to lose the last remaining baby weight from pregnancy?

Think about where you are today vs. where you’d like to be.

Is there a gap?

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Do you have quick, easy, healthy and delicious meals that work for you and your family?

My name is Beverley Simpson and I can help because I’ve personally gone through the same struggles.

Having an effective plan that is customized just for you is the key to success.

My Story

I did not grow up with an athletic background. In fact, I used to be the one that tried to get out of running the weekly mile in high school. It wasn’t until grad school that I fell in love with fitness because of how amazing getting in shape made me feel.

Based in New York, I’ve studied with the best in the industry and remain super passionate about education. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer from NASM, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, FMS I & II, Precision Nutrition I & II (Oct. 2017) and SFG I.

I will sift through all the education I have studied and practiced over the years and customize the most effective and efficient program for YOU.

Don’t just take my word for it here is what some of my clients have said:

Beverley is simply awesome. She is incredibly smart, enthusiastic, and she cares deeply about her clients. Since beginning training with her I've lost 40 lbs, built lean muscle, developed endurance and core strength and gained a greater sense of self-confidence. Beverley has that perfect balance of intensity and toughness combined with compassion and supportiveness. She has completely rocked my world and changed my life for the better.”

Todd Alsup

Beverley puts tremendous thought and care into her clients. Each person has specific goals, needs, strengths and challenges and she patiently, diligently, and thoughtfully addresses each and every one of them. I trained with Beverley for two years, starting a few months after the birth of my son. My overall strength, fitness, and agility (and energy!) improved immediately and she kept finding creative ways to keep me fit and having fun. It is clear that Beverley loves what she does with the energy she brings to each client meeting/session. Her follow-up, encouragement, and prowess are of the best you'll find anywhere. She is a fantastic addition to your fitness regime and life!”

Julia Haley

I'm a professional dancer and actress living in New York City and Beverly was my godsend. She worked with me to change my body into something I was really proud of. She challenged me in ways I never thought I could be challenged and I learned more from her than honestly thought I would. She not only worked with me at the gym but she was always on call and when I traveled she made an extra effort to make me a plan to stick to. She's kind, understanding, dedicated and motivated. She wasn't only my trainer, she also became my friend which made a long workout even more worth it.“

Natlia Hagan

Why Online Training?

Online Training gives you the opportunity to have me as a personal coach to fit into your hectic schedule no matter where you are located. Other benefits include cost savings, convenience and working with an expert.

Training with me in person costs $125 an hour, and training twice a week ends up being $1,000 a month. I ask for a three month commitment and if you’re considering three times a week that is a $4,500 commitment. That is a lot of money.

Make an investment in yourself for less than 50% of the usual NYC training cost and receive:

  • Movement Assessment
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Unlimited Access to your coach for support
  • The option to add in-person sessions to your program.

Empower yourself to have the balance you want in life. While working with me, you’ll no longer feel like health and fitness is another burden on your task list. Instead you’ll build lifetime habits that work within your lifestyle.

Why wait? Let’s get started today.

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